Fine Art Work

My work mostly revolves around three main themes: functionality, history, and my personal educational philosophy. I like to deconstruct these ideas and experiment with incorporating them into my work by utilizing various materials and techniques to portray the concept of the piece.

Most of my work involves the viewers by allowing them to physically participate in the piece by asking them to perform a specific command, reflect on a certain experience, or to physically interact with the work itself. These instructions prompt the viewer to engage in a conversation or action that should spark an interest about the piece’s subject matter. By incorporating other individuals my work allows the viewers to create a relationship with the piece.

Each work is created with its own purpose and content, but still instills my overall ideas, style and techniques that I always incorporate. There is very much a sense of hand that is visible in all of my pieces—a sense of “looseness”—allowing the viewer to quickly understand that everything is done by hand rather than incorporating machinery.

I create my work to get my viewers to ask themselves questions about the content that they are seeing; i.e., their own personal history or history of a specific place, an issue or phenomenon in the educational world, etc. By doing so, I am opening up the mind of my viewers asking them to look at the world through a new mindset. This is allowing me to create individuals who are engaging to the world around them, rather than just simply living in it.

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